City of Long Grove

 City Hall 563-285-4904

 After Hours Emergency 563-940-4504

 119 S 1st St. PO Box 210 Long Grove, IA 52756

City Hall Hours:

Monday - Thursday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
8:00 am to NOON
Public Works
Monday - Friday
7:00 am to 4:00 pm 



 General Email:

 City Clerk: Rosina Guyer

 Public Works: Tony Saladino

 Parks: Jed Nagle

 Mayor: Michael Limberg

 Council: Cindy Blinkinsop, Kevin Green, Chad Ulrich, Michael Boddicker & Nancy Herrin

 Civic Center Rental:563-285-4683 -Please do not call City Hall. 


Building Inspection & Permits:

All new building/structures including fences and pools must have obtain city zoning approval.


After you have received approval from the City, please check with the Scott County Building

Zoning Administration to obtain proper building permits and inspections, if required.

( -Planning and Development -Building inspections)

All new buildings that require city water/sewer/electrical hooks are subject to city

connections fees and inspection prior to meter installation. (Water: $400, Sewer $800,  $8.00 Per Electrical Foot)




Upcoming Meetings

If you need help accessing the zoom link: please email for assistance.  


Community Information

And don't forget to sign up for the Strawberry Stampeded, Sunday, June 1


Many residents may have noticed that the last month’s electrical bill was higher than anticipated.  The increased utility cost would have been noticed on the fuel adjustment (FA) line item of your bill.  This charge is also known as PEA (purchased energy adjustment) represents the difference between what the City expects to pay for wholesale electricity on a monthly basis compared to what we actually pay for monthly wholesale electricity.  The City feels this is a fair way for our customers to benefit from our fluctuating wholesale prices.  We are only passing through the actual costs the City incurs from our electricity provider.

Many cities and electrical companies utilize a similar charge and faced a similar increase in the cost of purchasing energy this last month.  We understand that the energy situation is extremely complex, but we believe it can be somewhat described through higher transmission costs, transmission outages, and a prolonged period of volatility in the energy markets.  Although there are no guarantees, our energy group (RPGI) is hoping for less exposure to market volatility with price moderation in the near future.


Iowa law regarding the permitting process for UTV’s in the state of Iowa recently changed.  As a result of this change, the city will refund UTV permit costs for the New Year registrations.  This DOES NOT include GOLF CARTS.  Resident’s wishing to obtain a refund for UTV registration, or for any questions, please email


The Long Grove Recycling Calendar sent at the beginning of the year was unfortunately incorrect.  New recycling calendars are included with this month’s bill and will be available online.  Please throw your original calendar away and replace with the new calendar included with this month’s utility bill.  We sincerely apologize for the error and any inconvenience.


Unfortunately, the sewer plant/yard waste drop off site is no longer open to the public during regular operating hours. With respect to the public works limited staff, varied work schedule, and daily tasks, we are unable to monitor the site to prevent inappropriate dumping, which is creating a pest nuisance for residents near the plant, as well as, to ensure control of hazardous material disposal and public safety.  Also, the City has been informed of children entering the wastewater treatment area unsupervised, which greatly increases the risk of an accident, injury, or loss of life.  The City is exercising due diligence for the safety of all of our residents.


We understand that this change of access to the yard waste disposal area creates a loss of convenience for our residents who are accustomed to dropping off their yard waste at the wastewater treatment plant, but the City must put forth efforts to maintain general site safety to avoid accidents and mitigate liability.  The City of Long Grove will continue to provide yard waste pickup every Tuesday morning.  Brush and tree trimmings will be picked up if bundled and tied in manageable bundles.  Yard waste should be in yard waste bags with a sticker attached.  You may purchase stickers ($1.00) or bag and sticker ($1.50) at City Hall.

2th.  Click here for a link to the registration form.



City Notifications

To continue to receive emergency notifications for the City, make sure to sign up by clicking on the following link prior to November 30th 2021. On November 30th 2021 the city will stop using the CODE RED NOTIFICATION SYSTEM and instead send out notices

via Alert Iowa RAVE System. Please click the following link to sign up for city and county wide notifications.



To schedule a weekly one large item pick up, please email your name, address, and item to by Wed at 12:00 pm. You may set your items out by the curbside for Thursday pick up. NO ELECTRONICS/APPLIANCES or items larger than 50 pounds. 
For yard waste pick up, please set your bags out along the curb Tuesday mornings.You may also set out brush in small bundles. You may set out your own bags and the city will include a charge of $1.00 per bag on your next utility bill. Or you may schedule a drop off or pick up of city yard bags: $1.50 per bag to be applied to your next bill. Please email to schedule a drop off or pick up or for questions or concerns.