City of Long Grove

 City Hall 563-285-4904


 After Hours Emergency 563-940-4504


 104 S 1st St. PO Box 210 Long Grove, IA 52756


 City Clerk: Rosina Boddicker


 Deputy Clerk: Pam Petersen


 Building Inspector/Zoning Commissioner: Giles Looney


 Public Works: Tony Saladino


 Parks: Jed Nagle


 Mayor: Michael Limberg


 Council:  Al Pawloski, Andy Cook, Jon Drumm, Nancy Herrin, & Mike Oechsner


 Civic Center Rental:563-285-4683

Upcoming Meetings

School Board Public Forum, Tuesday, May 8th at 6:00pm @City Hall

Council Meeting, Tuesday, May 8th at 7:00pm @City Hall

Plan and Zone Meeting Monday, May 21st at 7:00pm @City Hall

*To view Council Meeting Minutes or Agenda, please visit the Documents Tab at the top of the page:    

Minutes are typically posted by the Friday following the meeting.

Agendas are typically posted by noon the day prior to the meeting.


Can't find what your looking for? Call the office @ 563-285-4904. 


*Please contact 563-285-4904 to request any special accommodations for attendance Long Grove City Council Meeting or access to meeting informaiton. 

Community Events


Newletter Updates:

Council began discussion with the city engineer at the February council meeting on proposed subdivisions for Schreck, Zrostlik and Grunwald properties.

To view the newest version of the City of Long Grove Code Of Ordinances please visit City Hall. 

To view the  FY19 Budget, please go to the Documents page of this site, under the tab general, in the Long Grove Budget folder. 

Planning a garage sale in Long Grove?

Long Grove garage sales will be

Saturday, May 12th

To place your ad and be on the Long Grove map in the

May 9th issue

call the NS Press at 563-285-8111

Cost: $18 - price includes house marked on map, a 40 word ad, and a packet with garage sale signs, pen/notepad

Call or place your ad online at this link by selecting Garage Sale in the menu.